Sulo 1100 Ltr Dome Lid

Sulo 1100 Ltr Dome Lid - Second generation, First class - Made In Germany

Brand: SULO Code: 30183 Category: Municipal Garbage Bins

Product Description

Sulo 1100 Ltr Dome Lid - Second generation, First class

Due to their quality and robustness, SULO 4-wheeled MGBs enjoy an exceptional reputation worldwide. In addition to product quality thinking, we focus on the careful handling of resources and materials. Our vision is to reduce the consumption of fossil recources to a minimum.

Safety Handles

  • Easy grip handles on all sides
  • Optimum manoeuvrability
  • Compatible with identification and weighing systems

Safety Trunnion

  • Increased stability
  • Increased safety when lifting

Safety Lid

  • High degree of safety with integrated child
  • safety device
  • Closes automatically after emptying


  • Polymer components:
    • Injection moulded from specially designed HDPE
    • Resistant to decay, frost, heat and chemicals
    • Special UV-stabilisers provide excellent ageing characteristics
    • Corrosion resistant steel components
  • Noise reduction:
    • Quiet-running solid rubber tyres
  • Long service life:
    • High quality materials
    • Excellent manufacturing processes
    • Withstands exposure to high mechanical stress levels
  • Recycling:
    • All container parts are recyclable
    • Certified according to DIN EN840 and RAL GZ 951/1
    • Constant quality control through manufacturers laboratory as well as independent institutes


  • Standard colours: green, blue, yellow
  • Non-Standard colours are available on request, min order qty applies.
  • All additives are cadmium free and environmentally friendly
  • Accessories


  • Easy to use lid, lockable, with adjustable spring support
  • system
  • High degree of safety - integrated child safety device prevents accidental closing of lid
  • Versatile, with a comprehensive accessories range
  • Easy grip handles on all sides
  • Safe, easy handling, even with heavy loads
  • Wide lifting trunnions for improved safety during lifting, even with awkward loads
  • Various wheel assembly configurations for different
  • Water drainage plug as standard
  • Compatible with identification and weighing systems
  • Domed lid with unique opening mechanism reduces wind problems during emptying
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces and rounded internal surfaces
  • Reinforced base, front and rear panels for greater stability

Imprints and Markings

  • Manufacturer, year of manufacture, material
  • Nominal volume, max permitted total weight
  • EN 840, RAL markings
  • Individual markings with imprints, hot-foil printing or adhesive labels available on request*

Product Specifications

Bin depth 1060 mm
Country of Origin Germany
Empty weight 60 kg
Max. filling weight 440 kg
Max. total weight 510 kg
Nominal Volume 1100 L
Total height 1460 mm
Total width 1370 mm
Upper comb edge 1205 mm
Wheel diameter 200 mm